Explore how members of various industries can integrate their applications on the Belrium blockchain and serve as nodes to benefit their customers for easier and faster KYC verifications.

Listen to Praveen talking about how the KYC Blockchain can revolutionise identity verification.

PraveenKumar, CEO, Belfrics Global

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Learn & Support Community

Gain access to all the research material available on Belrium so far with a community that is present to help you every step of the way.

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Developer Community

Belrium’s KYC Verification network is built on open-source technology that anyone can use. Here are the tools developers can use to build solutions around the open-source platform.

Interview with Praveenkumar Vijaykumar, CEO and Founder Belfrics @Belfrics

Interview with PraveenKumar – CEO, Belfrics Global, a Bitcoin and Blockchain Company

Belfrics Launches Bitcoin Wallet in India

Belfrics Launch Kenya

Developer Kit

Take a look at our open-source technology and public code that is available on Github.