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KYC Integrated Blockchain

A rapidly growing digital token that enables real-time KYC & Identity verification across nodes around the world

The most trusted KYC Blockchain


Offers a unique set of advantages that enables the seamless and secure exchange of information between trusted entities on the blockchain.


Instant exchange of information across nodes for KYC verification.


Ensures secure exchange of information between trusted entities.


Significantly reduced processing cost.

Smart Network

As the process is completely automated, the compliance errors are greatly reduced.

Road Map


Belfrics as a group is established to explore the nascent blockchain industry.


Start providing blockchain consultancy and development solutions under the brand name BelfricsBT.


Belfrics exchange platform initialised and Singapore Exchange goes live.

2017 Q1

Belfrics Exchange launches in India.

2017 Q2

Belfrics Exchange launches in Kenya.

2017 Q3

Belfrics becomes the first player to receive a sandbox license in Bahrain.
Belrium blockchain is conceptualised to fight anonymity in blockchain.

2017 Q4

Belrium ICO is launched.

2018 Q1

Belrium is in talks with over 11 governments and large enterprises for blockchain adoption.

2018 Q2

Belrium Blockchain is launched.

Fast and Efficient

The blockchain facilitates the seamless and efficient exchange of information in the midst of different entities. It lessens the time and effort of the financial institutions steering due diligence processes.

DeCentralized KYC Process

Currently, the information set requested by different institutions for KYC is not uniform and this causes inefficiency and requires more time, effort and money. The KYC process will devise a common onboarding framework making the process more effective.

Reduced Costs

Use of Blockchain technology for KYC verification will result in a significant reduction of operational, infrastructure and processing costs.

Seamless Integrations

The Belrium KYC Blockchain is a blend of the public and private blockchain. The private blockchain supports global remittance and the public blockchain backs the KYC compliance.

Secure Exchange of Information

The DPOS algorithm enables secure online contractual agreements. The algorithm adopts IPFS to protect the KYC related information. The smart contracts operate on a distributed public ledger and reward consistency and transparency. The blockchain ensures secure exchange of information between trusted entities.

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